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Our Team of FAA Part 107 Certified Pilots, can provide a full range of industrial and commercial services for utilities, power grids, communication towers, security/surveillance and construction project tracking. UAV’s are changing the inspection industry by providing high resolution visual data in a fraction of the time and cost.

  • Drone-based inspections provide a safe, accurate and cost effective solution for many industrial sectors.

  • We can remotely assess dangerous or complex industrial areas providing a quick and accurate visual reports.

  • We can supply high resolution imagery and videography of hard to get to locations while keeping personnel safe and industrial assets protected.

  • Large, complex facilities are best surveyed from the air with UAV’s providing the most economical solution.

  • Tracking projects and their progression from the sky with professional aerial drone photography and videography brings value to many projects.

  • Monitor the development of your project with drone-based mapping. Maps provide current features, reference points and landmarks to provide added insight into your project.


Is your organization considering using drones?  Increasingly corporations and municipal entities including law enforcement, city works, fire departments, and others are integrating drones to provide new and valuable capabilities. Would your organization like assistance with the following?

TEXAS UAS can provide:

  • Laws and regulations concerning UAS (Unmanned Aircraft Systems) operations in the NAS (National Airspace System)

  • Equipment selection in the context of mission criteria

  • Drone procurement

  • Fleet maintenance

  • SOP and safety protocol writing

  • Assistance in obtaining authorizations and waivers from the FAA


Would your organization like to train its personnel to safely operate sUAS's under Part 107 rules and regulations?

 TEXAS UAS can provide:

  • Part 107 (sUAS Remote Pilot Certification) training to prepare your team to take the Knowledge Test at an FAA certified testing facility.

  • On-site and custom tailoring of the curriculum to meet the needs of your busy team (intensive learning classes, periodic classes, etc). Additionally, the course can be oriented towards the specific needs of your intended sUAS usage (law enforcement, inspection, imaging equipment, etc).

  • Additionally, flying instruction is available through a classroom and hands-on flight training environment by our certified instructors.


Texas UAS is your source for commercial drone based photography. Aerial photography and video imagery can add value to just about any business.

Common application areas are:

  • Commercial Real Estate

  • Residential Real Estate

  • Construction and Roofing

  • Technical (e.g. radio towers, chemical and refinery operations, mining, etc)

  • Agriculture

  • Boating and Water Sports

  • Cinematography

  • Special Events

  • Surveying & Mapping

  • Infrastructure


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